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[MUSIC] Grimes @ KEXP, 02/20/12


– One person, on bended knees, with a few boxes of electricity, creates a new world.
– What is up with all of the amazing music coming out of Canada?!
– Born in 1988. Amazement. And terror!

I’ve been hunting the KEXP site for weeks, desperate to see this. Hopefully some of you will watch – if you are a first-timer skip to 9:25.

Without further ado, Grimes (AKA Claire Boucher) at the KEXP studios on February 20 2012 in the midst of a string of sold out shows.


[MUSIC] Sharon Van Etten: 2012 SxSW Live


It’s official, I’m a Sharon Van Etten convert after listening to her SxSW set. (Thank you NPR! You are killing it these days.)

This song in particular is what all songs should be: painful, cathartic, heartbroken, transcendent.

[MUSIC] Nite Jewel: One Second of Love (Doug Fir April 8)


Coming to Doug Fir April 8!

Tickets here.

Up, up, up, open up. (The Twisted Art of 21st Century Dating)


I think of myself as incapable of dating more than one person at a time. Who has time? Or sufficient mental capacities. People can walk up to me – former co-workers, acquaintances who’ve set foot in my house – and I can’t remember their name, or sometimes their face.

And, when you’re dating a handful of people, when do you tell them that you’re seeing other people? I need a handbook.

With a specific mandate from a girl I hung out with a few times (FOUR as she kept reminding me), I began entertaining the idea of truly dating, old-fashioned style. This is my “I’ll try anything once” experiment in bravery. But the idea of seeing a bunch of people at the same time? Scary.

A close friend, who I’ve known since 4th grade, schooled me last week in the art of self-preservation and dating. “It’s gotta take months, MONTHS, before I feel attached to someone, to the point where I miss them when they leave. Ya’ll fall too fast.” (Ya’ll in this case being lesbians.) Her point being, similar to advice another friend of mine received from her primary care physician: “You don’t have to marry everyone you date.”

That same friend who attempts valiantly now to take her PCP’s advice also advised me to cross the Canadian border to, and I quote, “See if one of you needs to relocate.” And yes, I took that advice. (The answer was no.)

So, date a bunch of people, make sure we don’t drink too much or go dancing, and make sure I don’t make silly decisions only because it feels good to feel wanted, etc. In the spirit of adventure and my ever-growing bucket list, I agree to attempt this. Open that shit up and date a bunch of people at the same time.

Maybe this is brilliant. Other people do it. I can do it! This’ll be contagious. I’ll be like all of those trampy, witty, sophisticated writers and poets and artists who are like aliens to me, breezily entertaining multiple lovers: Michelle Tea (pre-attempted pregnancy), Henry Miller, Justin Timberlake (pre-Jessica Biel). Why not embrace the nutty possibilities of life in the 2010s? I’ve never done it. But I admire the hell out the mad ones, the wild ones, the brilliant ones.



I heard this song in Vancouver for the first time, and then three days later in Portland. Maybe one of my favorite Wilco songs since Handshake Drugs.

Fujiya & Miyagi: Cassettesingle


From Brighton UK!

Live from WFMU!

New album!


“Whenever we hear sounds we are changed …”


Steve Reich:Β “Pendulum Music (For Microphones, Amplifiers Speakers and Performers).” Aphex Twin. Sacrum Profanum 2011.

Steve Reich:Β “Pendulum Music (For Microphones, Amplifiers Speakers and Performers).” Aphex Twin. Sacrum Profanum 2011.

Steve Reich – Electric Counterpoint – Jonny Greenwood. Sacrum Profanum 2011.

“Whenever we hear sounds we are changed, we are no longer the same after having heard certain sounds. And this is more the case when we hear organized sounds, organized by another human, being music.” -Karlheinz Stockausen