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who is madjungcomputer

At work, I’m the person you can count on, and my teammates keep their word. The people we work with make each other – and the work – awesome.

At home, I’m another latchkey kid born in the South in the late 1960s, the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors and Russian immigrants. My parents built a house in the woods in the suburbs of Atlanta. (Click and drag to the right, my driveway is up behind the guy and the truck. Click and drag up, those are the trees I stared at from 1974-1984.) I used to print photos in a darkroom in my basement, following step-by-steps in a Time-Life book, and I hacked BBS software on my Atari 800 and became a Sysop, and my cousin Todd and I filmed Super8 stop-motion shorts. I obsessed over r.e.m. from 1985-1987, road-tripping to Athens on weekends to visit all the lyrical references in Life’s Rich Pageant, and Dead Letter Office (see below). In 1990, after losing someone very close to me and experiencing a life-affirming Grateful Dead show in the days after, I packed up and hit the road for the summer. Two summers later I moved to Portland, Oregon and stayed.

I’m a huge Gillian Welch fan and I am the proud owner of a hallway of built-ins for my record collection. I co-founded PDX Pop Now! with a bunch of amazing people in 2004 and got to live out the dream: loading/unloading gear for my favorite bands for four years.

I fall in love with characters on television (Kate, Jack, Sawyer, Jack Donaghy, Nancy Botwin, Lindsay Weir, Dana Scully) and in books (Holden, Huck, Nick Carraway, Nick Adams, Suttree), and in movies (Alvy Singer, William Miller, Idgie Threadgoode). And when I do lots of things right – work out, meditate, tell the truth, wake up – I’m lucky enough to hear sentences that want to be written, and if I really pay attention, I can write them before they disappear.

Now, I’m conspiring with my best self to experiment with this blog, to reconcile the past (Atlanta, short stories not written, the 1992 move to Portland, the first half of my high-tech career, the 2000-2005 pilgrimages to Cortes Island, interviews with my favorite musicians, Jungian stuff), imprint the future (sun, love, kids, books, songs, sun), all the while remembering and re-learning that being present is the only thing that makes any sense at all.

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