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The muttering retreats.


1. To do (and how many years there are left to do it).

  • Start a blog
  • Write a book of short stories.
  • Live in the desert.
  • Eat more dessert.
  • Fall in love.
  • Start a company.
  • Interview Sleater-Kinney, and Sam Coomes
  • Interview Jeff Tweedy, and Michelle Tea
  • Learn how to play “Jessica” by the Allman Brothers.
  • Save enough “fuck it” money.
  • Start a local music festival
  • Start a band
  • Start another band.
  • Sail to Desolation Sound.
  • Build built-ins for my record collection
  • Alphabetize my records.
  • Remodel my house
  • Meet Khaela from The Blow
  • Plant a garden with my own hands.
  • Write and record a demo album.
  • Travel to the Australian outback
  • Win a poker tournament
  • Play in the WSOP Main Event.
  • Spend two weeks in Amsterdam
  • Write in a cafe in Paris.
  • Visit my maternal great-grandparents’ grave in France.
  • Visit Vienna where my maternal grandparents met.
  • Visit my maternal grandfather’s grave in Atlanta
  • Reconcile with my mother
  • Reconcile with my father
  • Make sure the people I love know I love them
  • Forgive the people that need to be forgiven.
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