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A little old lady got mutilated late last night …


  • OPB Music absolutely killed it last night, madly doing the Halloween thing.
  • Which reminded me that Magnolia Electric Co. covered Warren Zevon’s Werewolves of London.
  • But I’m partial to the raunchy encore from a heroin-drenched 1978 Dead show at Red Rocks.
  • The track OPB played a few minutes after the 8pm hour kicked my ass: a Nick Jania original, “Singing the Devil’s Tune.” I haven’t kept up with Nick’s projects, and there are lots of them, he’s a prolific guy. The verses of this song  felt like hefty evolution since I tracked the Binary Dolls during the early PDX Pop Now! years. I hunted down a live performance and dug the herd of multi-instrumentalists onstage, the crowd a clearly delerious chorus.
  • Which led me to grab my weathered red and brown recycled PDX Pop Now 2004 compilation this morning, to check out how the Binary Dolls’ “El Paso” weathered the years. Our founding PDX Pop Now! team had no idea what was headed our way when we decided to try soliciting tracks from Portland at-large to help fund the first festival. We bled for those 35 songs, fighting for our favorite tracks. The opening triad – The Thermals “How We Know”, Yacht “I Love a Computer” and Binary Dolls “El Paso” – is caffeinating. 7 years later I still grin at the last part of The Thermals track. The music held up.

“I saw a werewolf drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic’s/And his hair was perfect/”


Still thinking about Michelle Tea sitting at a bar most nights writing, and wishing I liked to drink more, thinking about which bar I should write in.


More later about Yacht’s latest, and hunting for recorded material from the Blow’s 2011 tour.

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