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10.29.11: Saturday night with Michelle Tea in PDX


Stumble around Facebook on a Thursday night. Discover Valencia: The Movie/s. Light up at the sight of Michelle Tea on Facebook. Wonder about San Francisco. Two nights later, head out into the night in Portland, and there’s Michelle, talking and reading at Waypost on N Russell.

She’s talking about worshipping Eileen Myles from afar, sending her postcards, and then stalking her one weekend in NYC, showing up at all the same parties, etc. About gathering the courage to give Eileen a few stories, and how they began a friendship, and how Michelle sobered up one night when Eileen (clean/sober) came out to read. And then how Michelle ran for a glass of whiskey after Eileen left.

There’s me, waiting to say something to Michelle, behind the pubescent fan-girls hiveing around her. Sipping a beer, my body temperature on the rise, in a room with strangers with tears in their eyes. She seemed tired. And I thought, thank you, and, get some rest.

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