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Lots of talk about husbands.
In your kitchens. Wearing aprons.
(And yours is gay.)

Husbands who lie, husbands who don’t.
Husbands wanting sex, husbands who don’t.
We can’t bear boring lives without lies.

Lots of talk about sex.
How we get away from it. How we can’t get enough.
How we care less and less.

And lots of talk about beginnings.
How many there have been now. How insignificant they seem.
“I’m addicted to beginnings.”
Empty lives without the cheating.

Portland, There Is Nothing Wrong With Moving to LA.


Nothing wrong with moving to LA.
Nothing wrong with taking your “project” to a “metropolis.”
Nothing wrong with taking yourself to “the next level.”
Nothing wrong with working hard.
Nothing wrong with money.
Not money you were given.
Not money you earned. From your salary. From your ten hour day. From your Fortune 500 parent.
Nothing wrong with your art making money.
Or you having more money than your friends.
Don’t spend your money on your friends only because you have more money.
Nothing right about sneering. At our artists, and friends. When we hear they’re moving to LA. Nothing wrong w/ moving to LA. For the sun, success, to be relevant, fashion, for happiness.

To you the ones bravely moving to LA, be on your way.

Holy. Moly. @fuckyeahwildflag



They are trying to break our hearts.


First Aid Kit came through Portland last week and not surprisingly needed a venue upgrade to meet the size of their new audience. That’s after their second album kids.

Here’s their heartbreaker, Emmylou, an extra track they gave away via iTunes for a bit.

And then, the heartbreaker of all heartbreakers, aging, and battling a mammoth stadium. It’s Jeff Tweedy, singing to an audience wandering and indifferent.

And this! St Vincent at Coachella 2012 crowdsurfing! Skip to 37:45.

[music] The Thermals: “Here’s Your Future” (Live @ Easy Street Records, Seattle, 09.03.06)


I forgot how much I love the Thermals!
Catch them opening for Wild Flag at the Crystal Ballroom May 4.
Get tickets.

“Here’s Your Future”

Live @ Easy Street Records in Seattle September 3rd, 2006

from the album “The Body, The Blood, The Machine” (2006)

His son said, “I will but Dad, I’m afraid”


This is what 2012 feels like.


Hall & Oates – Floatation [Sonic Swing Remix]


“I can’t go for being twice as nice”